Thoughts of a Champion – Lando Norris

Written by Carlin

After winning the inaugural MSA Formula Championship, British racer Lando Norris took some time out to catch up with us. We asked him how his season panned out and how it felt to win the title…

Congratulations Lando Norris – the inaugural MSA Formula Champion. How does it feel to win the title?

It feels really cool to have won the title in the Championship’s opening season. It felt as though it had been a long time coming and we never gave up as a team throughout the year so it’s good to know that all of our hard work paid off in the end and clinched us the win.

Is there a race that particularly sticks out as being very memorable in your mind?

I think probably my first win is the most memorable because that one is always going to be pretty special. But in all honesty, all of the races are very memorable for many different reasons but that first race win really kicked everything off.

What was your biggest challenge to overcome during the race season?

My biggest challenge came from within the team itself in the form of Colton [Herta]. Of course I had Ricky [Collard] chasing hard all year and that’s obviously quite a big challenge but the guy I had to beat in the second half of the season was Colton. And he was in the same car and had the same team around him so that really pushed me hard.

At what point during the season did you think that the Championship was yours for the taking?

I definitely felt as though we were looking good as soon as we got to the first race. It’s really hard to know before that moment where you’re at as a team because everyone is pushing so hard and after the same result. But once we won, I knew we could go for it and that we had a pretty good chance; that definitely gave me great confidence too.

Did you approach the final round any differently knowing that the title was up for grabs?

No, not really. I approached the final round at Brands Hatch about the same as I would most races. I did take in to consideration that I shouldn’t be taking too many risks but you also know at the same time that you can be too safe because you’ve always got people chasing you and hunting down your positions.

Was there any point in the season when the championship title looked like it was quite far away or did you feel as though you had it under control most of the time?

There were a couple of times when it felt to me as though it wasn’t looking as great compared to other weekends that we’d had. But overall, I was never too far behind because I knew that a total of 83 points were up for grabs each weekend and that made it feel a little more controlled because I knew exactly what I had to do.

Did you find that having a team mate who was challenging you for wins [Colton Herta] to be helpful and was your working relationship/friendship a positive force on your season?

I loved working with Colton it was really cool. We are really good mates and he pushed me hard from the very first test to the final race of the season so yes, I think he really helped me push harder and achieve a better result. He also challenged me for wins throughout the season which led to a great battle between the pair of us but our relationship off track as friends was also pretty strong while maintaining respect on track.

What’s your favourite or funniest off-track team memory from this season?

Honestly? Everything! I enjoyed working with the team so much; it’s been my best year of racing by far! They really made the season fun and worthwhile while fighting for the championship so to have that many great memories, and also win the championship, is amazing.


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Written by Carlin

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