The eSkootr Championship is the world’s first international electric race scooter series. A brand new racing concept, eSkootr Championship (eSC) is a truly ultra accessible and affordable race series which showcases micromobility.

The eSkootr Championship has been designed to accelerate micro mobility culture and technology in forward-thinking global cities. It will host its first races this autumn.

Carlin are the first team to be announced in the newly launched championship, which will hold its first races at the end of 2021. The championship will race high-speed electric scooters in the heart of major cities, making international motorsport more accessible, affordable and sustainable than ever before.

With its F1-style tech and powerful twin motors, the eSkootr race machine is the most agile electric scooter ever built.

Carlin will be taking delivery of the team’s three new electric scooters within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for further updates included announcements on partners and riders.


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Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Type:

Two-wheeled eSkootr


eSC S1-X

Wheel Size:



11" Diameter Race-spec with multiple compounds


Hydraulic Discs


Onboard data logging Speed, Throttle, Brake, GPS, 6DoF IMU
Plus all EV powertrain parameters


Carbon-fibre chassis Aluminium front & rear assembly Natural-fibre fairings & panels

Battery Pack:

Nominal system voltage 55V Lithium Ion chemistry

Battery Size:

24Ah with 1.33kwH Battery Capacity

Power & Speed:

2x6kw Twin Motor Two Wheel Drive
200A Maximum Current
45º+ Lean Angle



2021 FIA Formula 2 - Rounds 1&2
27-28 March 2021
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